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Weather 2-28-15

Good Morning,

Snow chances begin around 11am Sunday. Expect 1-3 inches of snow to accumulate before the snow becomes mixed with sleet by the evening hours. The sleet may possibly mix with or turn to freezing rain for a time overnight before turning back to light snow after 3am Monday (less than 1/2 inch additional snow accumulation) with the activity moving out of the area by 5am. 

Weather 2-21-15

Good morning,

The weather team informs us that we can expect snow to start between 1pm-4pm this afternoon with the bulk of the snow expected before 9pm. Total snow accumulations is estimated at 3-7” dependent on your location and elevation.

Stay safe and warm!

Weather 2-20-15

Good afternoon,

The weather team informs us that we can expect snow to start falling between 1-3pm on Saturday and turn to freezing rain/sleet by 9-11pm and then to just rain by 2-5am Sunday. Snow accumulations of 3-7" (highest amounts in elevations) will be likely. Ice accretions of .05-.15" will also be possible. Rain will end 8-10am Sunday. We may also experience wind gusts of 40-45 mph Saturday night and into much of Sunday. This will create widespread blowing and drifting snow. 

Stay warm and be safe!

Weather Update 2-16-15

Good Morning,

Hazardous Weather Outlook is in effect.

A Wind Chill Advisory is in effect until 11am this morning.

Extreme cold will continue to impact us. Wind chills well below zero elevate the risk of hypothermia and frostbite as well as freezing of exposed pipes. Dry conditions are expected today before the next round of snow moves across our area. Current models suggest that snow is anticipated to arrive after 11pm-12am tonight, continuing through 10-11am Tuesday before tapering to showers/flurries and ending by 12-1pm. Snow may become moderate at times. tonight. Snowfall of 1.5-3.5" is possible. Winds will remain below 10mph through the duration. Temperatures will remain steady in the mid-teens tonight, rising into the mid-20s on Tuesday.

Stay Warm!

Snow Warning

The weather team has informed us that we may experience periods of light snow after 11am tomorrow (Thursday) until approximately 8pm. Snowfall amounts will be less than an inch, more likely closer to 1/2 inch. Winds will become gusty on Thursday evening. Stay warm and be safe!

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